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Do you have any advice on how to separate them into individual images?

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Absolutely!! There is a free online utility called Sprite Cutter that you can use to split the Tile-Sheets into individual images! The numbers at the end of each file name are the dimensions of each Tile in the Tile-Sheet (For example, the Top Down cards are 88px wide by 124px high, so their filenames end in "88x124.png") There are several other tools out there that can do this, but Sprite Cutter is a free browser based tool, so you don't have to download anything!


Holy crap thanks for the quick reply and your answer! This will be a huge help to my project. 


Thanks for this link! Sounds like Sprite Cutter will save me loads of time and manual labor.


Now I can swap out the card graphics i ripped from microsoft solitaire! AND chips so that's a bonus.

Heck yes!! Very glad you found them useful :)

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The seven of hearts seems to be missing one heart! But otherwise these are great. Used it for practice here.

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Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're the first person to notice that! I'll have to go re render the Hearts card sets to fix that, but shouldn't take too long!! Thank you for pointing it out! Led me to notice a glitch in the render for one of the Isometric card sets as well!

Also, love the blackjack game! Even ran across the poor broken 7 of Hearts a few times heh. I'll get that fixed by the end of the evening!

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Got the pack updated with the fixed 7 of Hearts across all card sets, isometric and top down :D Also managed to fix some wonky rendering issues with the Isometric Spades and Hearts card sets, so everything should be golden now!


Thanks for fixing it so quickly!  I rated the pack 5 stars :) 

And thanks for taking the time to check out my little game. I'm still a baby software developer so it's such a relief having helpful assets like these so I can focus on learning.

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I'm really happy you found them useful! One of my main goals is to provide free resources like these for developers so they can save time and can focus more on the development side of things! That and working with Old School styles that fit great with smaller projects :) 

Thank you so much for the rating!


Thanks. It's always useful.