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A total of 795 FREE 2D Planets with 30 Environment Types for you to use in your games or projects! 

These planets are great for space shooters, top-down games, sci-fi projects, or anywhere you might need a 2D planet! Includes terrestrial planets, gas giants, moons, and suns so you can create entire solar systems! Every planet has been rendered as *.png at multiple sizes (512x512, 256x256, and 128x128) with transparent backgrounds, no aliasing, and are now available with both shaded or unshaded planets. The unshaded planets are alternate variations of all the shaded planets, meaning the pack technically contains 10 variations of every single planet type. Also included are a series of shading masks that can be blended with the unshaded planets in the game engine or image editor of your choice! 

Each surface has been procedurally generated using abandoned software, converted to a spherical projection using a series of filters, then rendered at multiple sizes for ease of use and scaling down. Each planet also has 5 variations to choose from! (NOTE: These are not animated spinning planets)

UPDATE 10/21/2023: Added unshaded versions of almost all planet types (375 new planet sprites), added two bonus unshaded planet types (Thawing and Venusian), added Planet Shading Masks for customizing the angle of the shadows.


Shaded Terrestrial Planets (20 Biomes, 5 Variations, 3 Sizes) - 300 Planets!

  • 5 x Airless Planets
  • 5 x Aquamarine Planets
  • 5 x Arid Planets
  • 5 x Barren Planets
  • 5 x Cloudy Planets
  • 5 x Cratered Planets
  • 5 x Dry Planets
  • 5 x Frozen Planets
  • 5 x Glacial Planets
  • 5 x Icy Planets
  • 5 x Lunar Planets
  • 5 x Lush Planets
  • 5 x Magma Planets
  • 5 x Muddy Planets
  • 5 x Ocean Planets
  • 5 x Oasis Planets
  • 5 x Rocky Planets
  • 5 x Snowy Planets
  • 5 x Terrestrial Planets
  • 5 x Tropical Planets

Gas Giants (5 Types, 5 Variations, 3 Sizes) - 75 Planets!

  • 5 x Blue Giant Planets
  • 5 x Green Giant Planets
  • 5 x Yellow Giant Planets
  • 5 x Red Giant Planets
  • 5 x Orange Giant Planets

Suns (3 Types, 5 Variations, 3 Sizes) - 45 Suns!

  • 5 x Yellow Suns
  • 5 x Red Suns
  • 5 x Blue Suns

Unshaded Planets (25 Biomes, 5 Variations, 3 Sizes) - 375 Planets!

  • 125 x Unshaded Planets
  • 6 x Planet Shading Masks

That's a whopping 265 Planets with 3 Sizes for a total of 795 Planet Sprites! These planets are free to use in any project, commercial or non-commercial and have been released under the CC0/Public Domain license. 

More 2D Planets will be added over time!

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AuthorScreaming Brain Studios
Tags2D, cc0, Exploration, outer-space, planet, planets, Space, Sprites
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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SBS - 2D Planet Pack 2 - Unshaded 512x512.rar 61 MB
SBS - 2D Planet Pack 2 - Unshaded 256x256.rar 17 MB
SBS - 2D Planet Pack 2 - Unshaded 128x128.rar 5 MB


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can i use this in commercal use

You absolutely can!


this all look amazing,nice...
if i am not mistaken,still we dont have a rotating animation? hope its still a plan to be done :) maybe just few of them :)
with kind of look if animated in 32 moves or more,it would be great :D 

anyway thanks for the amazing graphics :)