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A series of FREE Chess Pieces and Boards to use in your games or projects!

This pack is great if you just need some simple chess pieces to use as scenery or even if you're building the next unbeatable chess game!

All chess pieces and game boards have been rendered as *.png with black or teal backgrounds, and with various materials and colors so you can choose the variations you want. All Knights, Bishops, and Kings have been rendered with multiple facing directions for different game angles. Game boards have been rendered with Board Tops and Bases separately so you can mix and match materials and styles. The Chess Table Tops and Chess Table Tile-sets use the same materials, but have also been rendered separately to allow for different variations or further customization. 

Each tile-set comes with an associated *.tsx file for Tiled Map Editor as well as an example Map. Also included are both Isometric and Top-Down renders so you have even more options to choose from!

UPDATE 6/25/2022 - Added *.zip archives for those who do not wish to, or cannot use WinRar.

Current Contents:

Isometric Chess Kit

  • 5 x Isometric Chess Board Tops (5 Materials - 1024x520)
  • 12 x Isometric Chess Board Bases (4 Materials - 1024x552)
  • 12 x Full Isometric Chess Boards (12 Variations - 1024x560)
  • 4 x Isometric Chess Board Tile-Sets (26 Tiles, 4 Materials - 128x72)
  • 8 x Isometric Chess Piece Tile-Sets (104 Tiles, 4 Materials - 128x128)
  • 12 x Tiled Map Editor *.tsx files
  • 1 x Tiled Map Editor example map

Top-Down Chess Kit

  • 5 x Top-Down Chess Board Tops (5 Materials - 512x520)
  • 12 x Top-Down Chess Board Bases (4 Materials - 512x544)
  • 12 x Full Top-Down Chess Boards (12 Variations - 512x552)
  • 4 x Top-Down Chess Board Tile-Sets (26 Tiles, 4 Materials - 64x72)
  • 8 x Top-Down Chess Piece Tile-Sets (104 Tiles, 4 Materials - 128x128)
  • 12 x Tiled Map Editor *.tsx files
  • 1 x Tiled Map Editor example map

More material types will be added over time!


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This is an amazing chess set. The boards, pieces and bases... everything is so beautiful!!

Thank you so much!!


Very cool! Good pack for a chess game!This is already done graphics for your chess game!! Very cool!


These are really nice. I have always thought about making a chess game, if I ever get around to it these will be perfect

You definitely have to let me know if you do!!