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A set of 45 FREE Isometric Grids and Tiles for designing isometric pixel art, isometric graphics, or isometric maps!

All tiles have been rendered as *.png with black backgrounds and have seamless tiling. Useful for prototyping isometric designs, creating map templates, or lining up isometric tiles. Files are organized by image size: the folder names are the size of the actual image as a whole, while the dimensions in the filename represents the size of each individual tile in the grid. Easily imported into any graphics program, like GIMP or Photoshop, and can be tiled endlessly or used as patterns to create endless isometric grids. There are three Isometric Tile Sizes to choose from as well as 5 different Grid Sizes with 2 different corner styles, making for a total of 30 Isometric Grid textures.

Also included are a set of individual Grid Tiles that can be used to create grids in any tile based tool, like Tiled Map Editor.

UPDATE 10/8/2023: Added an additional 15 grids using a third Corner Style C.


  • 15 x Small Grid sheets (32x16, 3 Styles, 5 Sizes)
  • 15 x Medium Grid sheets (64x32, 3 Styles, 5 Sizes)
  • 15 x Large Grid Sheets (128x64, 3 Styles, 5 Sizes)
  • 9 x Grid Tiles (3 styles, 3 Sizes)

You can also read all about how these grids were made or how to make your own at the official Screaming Brain Studios website!


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