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A series of 1,089 FREE 2D Isometric Floor Tiles to use in your games or projects! 

Are you tired of using Cubes to design your isometric games or backgrounds? Sick of all the cartoony vector graphics? Are you just looking for some simple, old school isometric tiles to build with? Then look no further! Every tile in this pack is a true 2-Dimensional 2:1 isometric render, and not just another silly cartoon cube! Absolutely no 3D models have been used!

All tiles have been rendered as *.png with black backgrounds and have seamless tiling. Useful for prototyping, building environments, or as backgrounds for isometric sprites. The dimensions at the end of each File Name is the size of each tile in that tile-set. Easily imported into Tiled Map Editor, or any game engine that can use Isometric Tile-sets. Also includes *.tsx Tile-Sets for Tiled Map Editor (It is likely you will have to update the Path containing the Tile graphics for each Tile-set) Additional *.tsx tile-sets will be added over time.

UPDATE 12/23/2021: Added an additional 27 tiles to both Large and Small packs, fixed several graphical errors (specifically an incorrectly rendered water tile in the Height Mapped water tilesets and some transparency issues with the Wilderness tiles), and updated all tile-set image and *.tsx filenames. 


3 x Isometric Interior Tiles (256px/128px + 128px/64px) - 88 Tiles!

  • 18 x Floor - Wood
  • 27 x Floor - Tiles
  • 9 x Floor - Carpet

3 x Isometric Exterior Tiles (256px/128px + 128px/64px) - 60 Tiles!

  • 30 x Terrain - Rocky

4 x Isometric Faux 3D Pathways (256px/128px + 128px/96px) - 74 Tiles!

  • 11 x Paths - Cyber/Sci-Fi
  • 11 x Paths - Wilderness
  • 11 x Roads - Grass
  • 4 x Solid Tiles

22 x Tiled Map Editor tile-set files

Update 1 - Auto-Tiles and Terrain Blends (128px/64px) - 285 Tiles!

  • 5 x Terrain Types across 10 Tile-sets

Update 2 - Water Tiles (128/64px) - 540 Tiles!

  • 5 x Terrain Types across 12 Tile-sets (5 x Flat and 7 x Height Mapped)
  • 6 x Solid Tiles - Height Mapped
  • 6 x Solid Tiles - Flat

You can also grab a set of FREE Isometric Wall Tiles, Isometric Object Tiles, Isometric Overworld Tiles, and Isometric Town Tiles that work great with the tiles in this pack! All packs are yours to use in any projects you wish.

More floor tiles will be added over time!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SBS - Floor Tile Update 1 - Autotiles.rar 1 MB
SBS - Floor Tile Update 2 - Water.rar 3 MB
SBS - Isometric Floor Tiles - Large 256x128.rar 3 MB
SBS - Isometric Floor Tiles - Small 128x64.rar 1,009 kB

Development log


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I'm trying to create some of my own isometric tiles in the 256x128 size. How did you achieve the autotile? Do you have some gradient textures to use to mask out the different blends? I'm trying to achieve blending between grass and dirt in all directions of the tile. Sort of like this example..

(3 edits)

The terrain blends from this pack were made using a series of gradient masks like the ones in the example below, two terrain textures are manually blended together using the grayscale values, and then each 2D tile was skewed to isometric perspective. You can essentially create a series of interlocking Masks like below, so they are the same size as the height of your desired final tile dimensions (For 256x128 tiles, you need 256x256 masks; for 128x64 tiles, create 128x128 masks, etc.) I'm actually planning to write up a more concise tutorial related to creating autotiles like this! 


Thank you! Omg thank you. I love your tutorials, I look forward to that. May I use the image you attached to create some?

I'm so glad you like them!! You can absolutely grab the masks from the example image if you like!

Absolutely nothing that is shown in the preview images on this page is included in the files that can be downloaded. Is it linked to the wrong zip file by mistake?

(6 edits)

Most of the screenshots are showing the tiles contained in the Floor Tile Update 1 - Autotiles.rar / Floor Tile Update 2 - Water.rar files and not the main floor tile rars! 

I actually removed the screenshots of the main tiles a few weeks ago when attempting to recategorize some things off-site, but I have not finished the reorganization yet :P (I've gone ahead and reuploaded some of the old screenshots to avoid any confusion!) If you download the Update 1 Update 2 packs, you'll find all those missing tiles! 


Thanks for the quick reply. I now have all the files.


Amazing! Too good! ;)


I will use this textures. Thanks for free licence but i'll write your name in the credits. I must say again thank you..


Much appreciated!! Glad you found them useful :)


Gorgeous! Can you tell me what is the license of your tiles - these and the walls. Can we use them in commercial projects? Are there any restrictions and details? Thank you very much for your fantastic work!

(3 edits) (+2)

Thank you so much!! License is CC0, there are no restrictions, and you can use them however you like, commercial or non-commercial! Credit is always welcome, but never required! :)