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A set of 204 FREE Isometric Pixel Cubes in the style of sandbox or survival games, like Minecraft or Block Fortress

Are you tired of using good looking, detailed old school isometric tiles? Just looking for some cartoony pixel Cubes? Then look no further! Every tile in this pack is a true procedurally generated 2-Dimensional 2:1 isometric render of a pixel cube! Absolutely no 3D models have been used! Now you can easily make your own isometric sandbox game with a wide variety of different biomes and terrain types!

All tiles have been rendered as *.png with black or teal backgrounds with two lighting directions and have seamless tiling. Useful for prototyping, building environments, or as backgrounds for isometric sprites. The dimensions at the end of each File Name is the size of each tile in that Tile-set. Easily imported into Tiled Map Editor, or any game engine that can use isometric Tile-sets. Also includes *.tsx Tile-sets for Tiled Map Editor (It is likely you will have to update the Path containing the Tile graphics for each Tile-set) 


Main Pack

  • 1 x Base Tile Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Grass Variation Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Desert Variation Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Snow Variation Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Dirt Variation Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Stone Tile Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 1 x Ore Tile Sheet (Two Lighting Directions 128x128) - 20 Tiles
  • 7 x Tiled Map Editor (*.tsx) Tilesets

Brick Pack

  • 4 x Stone Brick Tile Sheets (Two Lighting Directions, 4 Styles) - 64 Tiles
  • 4 x Tiled Map Editor (*.tsx) Tilesets

NEW! Texture Pack

  • 96 x Textures for 3D Blocks (64x64)

COMING SOON: Stairs, Ramps, and Half Tiles!

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AuthorScreaming Brain Studios
Tags2D, cc0, Isometric, Minecraft, Pixel Art, Sandbox, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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SBS - Sandbox Style Terrain Pack.rar 593 kB
SBS - Sandbox Style Terrain - Brick Pack.rar 734 kB
SBS - Sandbox Style Terrain - Texture Pack.rar 584 kB


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(3 edits) (+1)

Can you release a texture pack of this for 3D? I want to use your art in a 3D game for block textures and i can not find any textures similar to minecraft that are original, I do not want issues with copyrights. Great job on this artwork and thank you for sharing to itch.

(1 edit) (+1)

Definitely! I've gone ahead and put together a pack of all the individual textures that were used to create this pack so they can be used with 3D models!


Thank you, I appreciate your help greatly bless you! 

Is there a certain way I should go about making blocks look like minecraft style blocks? Similar to the grass covered dirt block.

(2 edits) (+1)

As far as texturing a 3D object goes, there are 'top' and 'side' textures included for each biome type, divided into individual folders. Each texture is a 16x16 graphic that is scaled up to 64x64 (You can actually use a pixelation or mosaic filter to duplicate this effect) GIMP has a filter under Blur -> Pixelize that works quite well if you set the Block Width and Block Height to 8, and use it on an existing image or texture! Most of these textures were made using gradients in combination with a pixelation filter, though some (like the bricks) had a few more steps involved before applying the pixelation


whats a minecraft

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh, well I think it is a small game that not many people play. According to my research, it is a block-based mining and placing game. Like Terraria but in three dimensions.

Edit: Sorry for the late reply, I was quite puzzled myself.


This is fantasticly retro, I love it. Is is possible if you could add in some slopes/stairs and some half-cubes? I'm an instant follower! Nice work


That's not a bad idea! The way these particular cubes were made makes it near impossible to do ramps/stairs using the same rendering technique, but I'm going to try some experiments and see what I can do! 


Cool. I really like the result. Hopefully your experiments will work out but either-way really cool. 


Thank you so much, I'm really glad you like them!! I have a few ideas in mind that I'm going to test out that might work just fine, I just want to make sure the visual style remains intact across all the tiles :)

(4 edits) (+1)

After some experimenting (I realize it has been months since you requested steps and slopes) I managed to put together a method for creating stairs, slopes, and half-cubes! I'm pleased to at least say that it has been a success, and I will be working on the series in the coming weeks. It may take a while since there are various tiny details to refine in the final renders, but here is an example of what I've managed to put together! 

There are a few details I need to work out, but it shouldn't be much longer. The software I work with does make it easier, but I still have to manually render and edit each individual step/ramp/half block for each tile type in the whole pack so it will take a little bit more time. Hopefully these are still useful to you, and perhaps others, when they are finally finished!