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A collection of 32 FREE Seamless Space Backgrounds for you to use in your games or projects! 

Every background has been procedurally generated and rendered as *.png at two different sizes. (512x512, 1024x1024)  

*UPDATE 7/13/2021* 15 New Backgrounds!


  • 8 x Purple Nebulas
  • 8 x Blue Nebulas
  • 8 x Green Nebula
  • 8 x Starfields

These backgrounds are yours to use in both non-commercial or commercial projects. 

You can also grab a bunch of FREE planets in the 2D Planet Pack and Tiny Planet Pack! This pack will be updated with more backgrounds over time!


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

SBS - Seamless Space Backgrounds - Large 1024x1024.rar 24 MB
SBS - Seamless Space Backgrounds - Small 512x512.rar 7 MB


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These look really good. I was looking for something like this and I'm so thankful I found these. Furthermore, the license is also very generous.

Thank you very much!


Hey, I really like the look of what you've done here. You're mentioning that it was generated procedurally. Any chance the tool you've used (created?) be available anywhere? I'd love to create more of these (they look really good) and use them with transparent layers for parallax. :) 

Definitely! Two of the three main tools used are commercial products (Genetica and Filter Forge, texture creation software) But one of the main goals of the Screaming Brain Studios project is to provide free alternatives and techniques with software that doesn't cost a dime so everyone can make their own! The third tool used is a free skybox utility called Spacescape that creates images for 3D skyboxes, but specifically works with noise generation and point clouds for creating stars and nebula clouds, whereas the two commercial tools use a large, node-based visual scripting process that can be much more complicated. To make them seamless, I use the Synthesis node in Genetica, but it is entirely possible to use the Make Seamless function that comes with GIMP to get similar results!

While they are not quite finished yet, I will eventually be releasing some tutorials on my website about creating nebulas and starfields in different utilities, or tools like GIMP! All of the SBS Graphics Packs have been made using the same tools and utilities, along with a few secret tools that are completely unavailable to the public, in order to maintain the same sort of visual style. But it is my goal that users be able to replicate or recreate as much of my techniques as possible in software that is currently available! Thank you for the feedback! :)


Thanks a million! I'll have a look at the tools you mentioned. Definitely drop a line when you release your tutorials, I'd be interested for sure! :)


Thank You!

I used this in my game: Bad Shooter Pixelated

This is perfect for my game and I love how they seamlessly connect together!


Very cool art! I used two of your backgrounds in my game "Space Schooler", you can find it on my profile!

Awesome!! I'm going to check it out this evening!


Thank you, so much!  I've used a modified version of one of the green nebulas as background title page art in my upcoming game, Stop the Saturnians!  Fantastic work :)  (Will post a link when the game is publicly available).


Awesome work! I just submitted my first game jam using this asset as my background image and it worked perfect :) feel free to drop a comment and play it over at: https://mrmuffinman61.itch.io/planet-colonizer and drop a vote over at: https://itch.io/jam/lm0b-beginners-game-jam-28/rate/1047844 Voting opens May 22nd 12pm EST :)!

Heck yes!! Getting a vote from me :D 


It looks awesome

Thank you so much!!