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A series of 2,256 FREE Top Down Tiles to use in your games or projects! 

These tiles are great for prototyping, top down dungeon crawlers, roguelike RPGs, tabletop games, puzzle games, and even side scrolling platformers! All tiles have been rendered at 64x64 pixels with magenta backgrounds and have seamless tiling. With 28 variations to choose from, you can mix and match walls and floor tiles to create different environments. All tiles also have complete auto-tile terrain sets, making it simple to draw maps in your preferred map editor or game engine.

The dimensions at the end of each File Name are the size of each tile in that tile-set. Easily imported into Tiled Map Editor, or any game engine that can use Tile-sets. Also includes *.tsx tile-sets for Tiled Map Editor and terrain brush settings have been fully implemented so you can make use of the auto-tile/terrain features in Tiled Map Editor. (It is possible you may have to update the Path containing the Tile graphics for each Tile-set if not extracted properly)

UPDATE 10/8/2023: Removed all spaces from filenames, fixed terrain-set names in all *.tsx tile-sheets, updated the example map to work with new filenames, and added several brand-new Wall and Floor tile-sets more than doubling the size of available tiles.


Wall Tile-sheets (1,316 Wall Tiles)

  • 4 x Brick Wall Sheets (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Glass Wall Sheets (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Concrete Wall Sheet (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Dirt Wall Sheet (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Metal Wall Sheet (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Sand Wall Sheet (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 4 x Stone Wall Sheet (188 Wall Tiles)
  • 28 x Tiled Map Editor *.tsx Tile-sets

Floor Tile-sheets (940 Floor Tiles)

  • 4 x Stone Floor Sheets (188 Floor Tiles)
  • 4 x Dirt Floor Sheets (188 Floor Tiles)
  • 4 x Sand Floor Sheets (188 Floor Tiles)
  • 2 x Grass Floor Sheet (94 Floor Tiles)
  • 2 x Glass Floor Sheet (94 Floor Tiles)
  • 2 x Metal Floor Sheet (94 Floor Tiles)
  • 2 x Wood Floor Sheets (94 Floor Tiles)
  • 20 x Tiled Map Editor *.tsx Tile-sets
  • 1 x Tiled Map Editor example map 

That's a whopping 28 Wall Variations and 14 Floor Variations for a total of 2,256 Top-Down Dungeon Tiles! These tiles are free to use in any project, commercial or non-commercial and have been released under the CC0/Public Domain license. 

More Top-Down Dungeon Crawler tiles will be added over time!


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Just downloaded these, they look great! One small problem though. "Floor - Stone 2 64x64.png" has a bunch of pink pixels scattered among the edges of the tiles.

(2 edits)

Oh whoa! Thanks for noticing, there must have been an issue with my original transparent color being set to Black instead of Magenta so it cleared out a few black pixels where it shouldn't have! I've gone ahead and uploaded the fixed tile-sheet!


Just started using this again and was wondering if you'd be able to make a wood floor, if not that's alright yo. Very cool assets.


I've gone ahead and updated the pack with 2 new wood floor tile-sets!


Yo that is awesome, many thanks SBS.


Very cool



Thank you!

What's the license for this asset? Is that CC0?



It is CC0, yes!