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A series of 360 FREE Isometric Overworld Tiles for you to use in your games or projects!

Are you tired of using Cubes to design your isometric games or backgrounds? Sick of all the cartoony vector graphics? Are you just looking for some simple, old school isometric tiles to build with? Then look no further! Every tile in this pack is a true 2-Dimensional 2:1 isometric render, and not just another silly cartoon cube! Absolutely no 3D models have been used!

All tiles have been rendered as *.png with black or magenta backgrounds and have seamless tiling. Tiles have all been rendered at multiple sizes and in two different styles, Flat or Thick. Useful for prototyping, building environments, or as backgrounds for isometric sprites. The dimensions at the end of each File Name is the size of each tile in that tile-set. Easily imported into Tiled Map Editor, or any game engine that can use Isometric Tile-sets. Also includes *.tsx Tile-Sets for Tiled Map Editor (It is likely you will have to update the Path containing the Tile graphics for each Tile-set) 

A small number of these tiles have been moved from the Isometric Floor Pack and given a bit of an upgrade with additional Thick tile renders. The other 300+ tiles in this pack are brand new!


Large Tiles (Thick - 256x144, Flat - 256x128)

  • 1 x Forest Tile Sheets (Two Styles)  - 36 Tiles!
  • 3 x Terrain Tile Sheets (Two Styles) - 108 Tiles!
  • 1 x Water Tile Sheet (Two Styles) - 36 Tiles!

Small Tiles (Thick - 128x72, Flat - 128x64)

  • 1 x Forest Tile Sheet (Two Styles) - 36 Tiles!
  • 3 x Terrain Tile Sheets ( Two Styles) - 108 Tiles!
  • 1 x Water Tile Sheet (Two Styles) - 36 Tiles!

Tiled Map Editor Tile-Sets

  • 20 x Tiled Map Editor *.tsx Tile-Sets

These tiles work great with the Isometric Wall Pack, Isometric Floor Pack, Isometric Object Pack, and Isometric Town Pack!

More Overworld Tiles will be added over time!

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AuthorScreaming Brain Studios
Tags2D, cc0, Isometric, map, overworld, texture, Textures, tile, tiles, Tileset
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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SBS - Isometric Overworld Pack - Large.rar 6 MB
SBS - Isometric Overworld Pack - Small.rar 1 MB


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These are fantastic, thanks so much for the textures! :D


could you add ramp textures (with the same height?)


Other than that, amazing asset!

(4 edits) (+1)

Ramps are a little bit trickier using the same rendering method as the one used for this pack since the software I use is very specialized, so I cannot guarantee perfect angles, but here is the result of some experimenting using height mapping to make ramps/thick tiles as an example. At the very least, I should be able to put together some tiles like these, that would allow transitions between the flat and thick tiles that are currently included. Is this sort of what you are looking for? 

(1 edit) (+2)

yes. maybe something of this height too? (i edited this from the wall pack and slapped a tile on top)


I can definitely do multiple heights like that! The tile you put together looks great by the way, that is actually one of the intended uses of my Isometric Wall and Floor Texture packs too! They can all be mixed and matched with any of the Isometric Tileset packs to make new tiles or add depth to existing ones! I do have plans to update this pack with more heights and new tile types as well.


thank you.