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A set of 443 FREE Isometric Town and Roof Tiles for you to use in your games or projects! 

Are you tired of using vector cubes to design your isometric games or backgrounds? Sick of all the cartoony graphics? Are you just looking for some simple, old school isometric tiles to build with? Then look no further! Every tile in these packs is a true 2-Dimensional 2:1 isometric render, and not just another silly cartoon cube! Absolutely no 3D models have been used!

All tiles have been rendered as *.png with teal backgrounds, two lighting directions, and have seamless tiling. Useful for prototyping, building environments, or as backgrounds for isometric sprites. The dimensions at the end of each File Name is the size of each tile in that tile-set. Easily imported into Tiled Map Editor, or any game engine that can use Isometric Tile-sets.

Current Contents:

3 x Isometric Building Tilesheets (128px/64px) - 432 Tiles!

  • 216 x Building Types - 2 Lighting Directions

1 x Roofing Tilesheet (143px/92px) - 11 Tiles!

  • 11 x Roof Types

1 x Tiled Map Editor Example Map

  • 1 x Example Map
  • 3 x Tiled (*.tsx) Tilesheets

Mix and match different walls and roofs to get endless variations! Or resize and stack them to create multi-story buildings! 

These tiles are the same dimensions and also work great with the Isometric Floor Tiles, Isometric Overworld Tiles, Isometric Wall Tiles, and Isometric Object Tiles packs!

More sizes, as well as building and roof types will be added over time!

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AuthorScreaming Brain Studios
Tags2D, assets, cc0, Isometric, Pixel Art, Retro, Tileset, Top-Down
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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I'm getting into Isometric game design after being inspired by 90s games... I haven't uploaded a game in 2+ years here, but these tiles'll def make the process easier. The effort put into all of these packs are amazing, and to release them for free no less. People like you carry the broke-ass indie dev community, and I thank you for that. Keep up the good work, your sets are amazing.

Thank you so much for saying so, that means a lot! I'm glad to be able to help out!!


ofc ofc

only complaint is that it doesn't work too well in Godot's isometric tile set (each tile needs to be an individual square) but nothing some simple Photoshop wouldn't fix

Like split individually? You can run the tile-sheets through this tool (Sprite Cutter) to get the individual tiles in one quick go!


Oh shit, thanks man! That's epic and I appreciate it

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These tile not good...  they're GRRREAT!  sorry had to do Tony the tiger...  these are really good though!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you like them!


No problem,  i don't know anyone personally from the internet,  but I've become attached to itch.io .  This coming from a guy whom doesn't use any social media out of boredom!  This internet is a fun place and let's keep it that way by promoting positive interactions and encouraging strangers with kind words and especially warm embraces when they present artwork to the masses. 

Appreciating artists needs to come back to life.

I couldn't agree more! Thank you for the kind words :)

  1. I'm impressed with how great your tiles are, what software do you use to create the tiles? I would like to create my own isometric tiles like Simcity 4 or fallout tactics
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like them! 

Most of the software I use are abandonware/unavailable tools that I have collected over the years (such as Inet World Creator, MapZone, or Infinity Textures, all of which cannot be purchased or downloaded anymore) though I have made several tutorials related to how to do similar things using GIMP and various free plug-ins which can be found at the Screaming Brain Studios Website! This includes how to take any square texture and convert it into an Isometric projection or angle and how to crop the textures into Isometric tiles for building custom tile-sets!

This type of technique would work in some cases, though when approaching more detailed objects (Like those found in SimCity or Fallout Tactics) you would likely need a 3D tool like Blender for creating models and then rendering them using an Isometric/Orthographic camera!


Love the tiles. I figured out the floor and the roof, but am having trouble with the walls.  Can you point me toward a sample Unity scene?

Deleted 2 years ago
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You have to use an Offset for positioning the walls along the edges of the floor tiles, if you use the tilesheets as they are without any editing. Otherwise they will likely overlap, or get placed along the wrong edge of floor tiles. I quickly threw together a small example Map and some example Tilesets that you can take a look at in Tiled Map Editor (Available free here: https://thorbjorn.itch.io/tiled), with a basic setup that allows you to avoid any editing or splitting up tilesheets! Hopefully this is helpful while I work on organizing things and making things a little more usable right out of the box :)

I've also noticed some transparency issues with a few of my tiles that I might not have noticed otherwise, so I will be updating these packs with some fixes in the coming days!


Nice! Finally something that's not colorful pixel art!


These look great! Thanks! BTW, what is the license for these assets, please?

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Thank you, glad you like them!! All Screaming Brain Studios assets are CC0, no credit required!


Cheers! Thanks! Have a good day.