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A series of 432 FREE Isometric Textures for creating 2D isometric graphics! 

Every texture in this pack has been rendered as *.png with both Left and Right angles, two lighting directions, and has seamless tiling. These are specialty textures that have been skewed to the proper Left and Right isometric angles for creating vertical objects or walls, and are not intended to be used for Isometric Floor Tiles. Currently, there is only one size available (128x128) but they can easily be tiled and resized to make larger textures if necessary. 

Useful for prototyping, mockups, creating tiles, or any special case where angled 2D textures might come in handy! Most of the textures in this pack are already available as Isometric Floors in the Isometric Floor Pack, or have been repurposed from the Tiny Texture Pack. Some textures work better with this effect than others, Brick or Tiled Floor textures for example, so some textures have been left out if there is no visible difference (Such as certain Grass or Wood textures.) The Left and Right angles are NOT mirrored/reflected, but rather they are actual renders of each angle. This means you can still flip or mirror each texture to get another variation, should the need arise.

One use for these Textures is the construction of Isometric Tilesets, or Isometric Walls. They are very easy to create and simpler to work with than trying to skew textures by hand. Many of these textures are already available as walls in the Isometric Wall Pack, but these textures will allow for further customization of your own.


  • 5 x Brick Texture Sheets (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 120 Textures!
  • 4 x Roof Texture Sheets (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 96 Textures!
  • 4 x Tile Texture Sheets (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 96 Textures!
  • 3 x Grass Texture Sheets (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 72 Textures!
  • 1 x Stone Texture Sheet (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 24 Textures!
  • 1 x Wood Texture Sheet (128x128, Two Lighting Directions) - 24 Textures!

More skewed isometric textures and angles will be added over time! You can also read all about how to work with the Isometric Texture Pack or how to make your own at the official Screaming Brain Studios Website!

*Most textures are also available as Non-Skewed textures or Isometric Floor textures here:


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